Marko Šajn (1990) -


Marko Šajn (1990) studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He works in the fields of painting, drawing, printmaking and art publications. He’s an active member of the Hiša Kulture v Pivki gallery and part of the Riso Paradiso art collective in Ljubljana. Since 2015 his work has been frequently shown at group and solo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. He lives and works in the countryside around Pivka.

He often depicts human figures in his works, making them easily recogniseable. The figures are extremely stylized, even typified, as they always appear without facial features, having a similar hairstyle and wearing similar clothes. Through them, he is building an undefined space, where the figures take up different positions and allow for different interpretations of emotions and moods, expressed by body posture, gestures and movements. The figures form compositions in which their mutual relations, (common) tendencies and actions are reflected through the visual language of the bodies. In these compositions, the artist keeps the choreography of the movements vague enough to leave the interpretation of the relationships open - namely, it is not always clear whether the figures are friendly or hostile to each other, whether they are playing or fighting, shaking hands or measuring strength, embracing or suffocating... In the face of this ambiguity, it seems that the artist is mainly trying to show the noise in the communication between the depicted figures, as it also often happens in our everyday lives.







2015: The Grave Is The Door To Your Rebirth @ Plac Boris, Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana
2019: Lost in space @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2019: Wide Awake @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2023: Mutual Compromise @ MGLC Ljubljana
2023: Hybrids @ Hiša Kulture v Pivki
2024: Group Hug @ KiBela, Maribor


2017: appointMENT 1.0 @ DobraVaga and Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2018: appointMENT 2.0 @ DobraVaga and Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2018: Fresh Fish @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2019: appointMENT 3.0 @ DobraVaga and Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
2020: Krpan’s Patchwork or the Emperor’s Mess @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2020: Fresh Fish@ DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2020: Riso Paradiso 33 1/3 @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2020: Army and the City @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2021: Green Footprint @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2021: PIVKA, 45°40′49.63″N / 14°11′46.98″E @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2021: Fresh Fish @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2022: Cake @ 36 Mountains, Zagreb
2022: Prints and Impressions 2 @ MGLC, Ljubljana
2022: Fresh Fish @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana
2023: HKP 25 / the best years @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka
2023: Fresh Fish @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana


2009: Living the dream #1
2010: Living the dream #2
2011: One Line Drawings
2011: Monsters (with; Nejc Franetič-Deso)
2013: DVST (with; Nina Jančič, Nejc Korenič, Jure Šajn)
2013: Mort (with; Nejc Korenič)
2014: Bushwalker Limited, Tightass Lycra Maniac, Lone Rider, Curve Finder
2017: Istria
2019: Lost in space
2019: Wide Awake
2020: Riso Paradiso 33 1/3 (with; Mina Fina, Urška Alič, Zoran Pungerčar, Nejc Korenič, Jure Šajn)