Marko Šajn (1990) -


Marko Šajn is a visual artist working in the field of graphics, painting and art publications. The main focus of his work is drawing, which he understands as the most genuine way of artistic expression and is also applied to his paintings. In the past, he focused mainly on abstraction, building his paintings by combining stylized drawings and colored surfaces derived from basic geometric shapes, often using patterns and occasionally recognizable figural motifs as an additional element. Lately, he has been devoting himself to the human figure, exploring its movement in a space bounded by paper or canvas and it’s relations to the viewer. His works often leave the viewer curious and are open to individual interpretation.

The figure appearing in his paintings is extremely stylized, even typified, as it appears everywhere without facial features, with a similar hairstyle and wearing simple clothes. The details of who the figure is, what the space surrounding it is and what their relationship is, however, are left to the interpretation of each viewer.

Marko enrolled in 2011 to study painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Since 2016 he has been working as a freelance graphic designer for various international clients. But his main interest lies in the fields of painting, art publications and printmaking. He’s an active member of the Hiša Kulture v Pivki and part of the Riso Paradiso collective in Ljubljana. He lives and works in the countryside around Pivka.



- The Grave Is The Door To Your Rebirth @ Plac Boris, Tovarna Rog,
   Ljubljana, 2015 - solo exhibition

- appointMENT 1.0 @ DobraVaga in Kino Šiška,
   Ljubljana, 2017 - group exhibition

- appointMENT 2.0 @ DobraVaga in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 2018 - group exhibition

- appointMENT 3.0 @ DobraVaga in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 2019 - group exhibition

- Lost in space / Izgubljen v prostoru @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2019 - solo exhibition

- Wide awake / Povsem buden @ DobraVaga, Ljubljana, 2019 - solo exhibition

- Krpanka ali Cesarski Praženec / Krpan’s Patchwork or the Emperor’s Mess @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2020 - group workshop and exhibition

- Riso Paradiso 33 1/3 @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2020 - group exhibition

- Vojska v mestu / Army and the City @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2020 - group exhibition

- Zeleni odtis / Green print @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2021 - group workshop and exhibition

- PIVKA, 45°40′49.63″N / 14°11′46.98″E @ Hiša kulture v Pivki, Pivka, 2021 - group  exhibition


- Living the dream #1 - 2009 - photography zine

- Living the dream #2 - 2010 - photography zine

- One Line Drawings - 2011 - photocopy zine (drawings)

- Monsters (collaboration with Nejc Franetič-Deso) - 2011 - photocopy zine (drawings)

- DVST (collaboration with Nina Jančič, Nejc Korenič, Jure Šajn) - 2013 - photography zine

- Mort (collaboration with Nejc Korenič) - 2013 - photocopy zine (drawings)

- Bushwalker Limited, Tightass Lycra Maniac, Lone Rider, Curve Finder - 2014 - photography zine

- Istria - 2017 - photography zine

- Lost in space - 2019 - riso print zine (drawings)

- Wide Awake - 2019 - photocopy zine (drawings)

- Riso Paradiso 33 1/3 (collaboration with Mina Fina, Urška Alič, Zoran Pungerčar, Nejc Korenič and Jure Šajn) - 2020 - riso print book (drawings)